Friday, November 4, 2011

Paper-Free Tip #1- How to Deal with Grease

Wanna make Bacon?? How about Fried Chicken? Doughnuts? Here are some tips and tricks I have found to be very helpful in keeping my kitchen paper free and still be able to enjoy fried things. (In moderation of course-wink wink!!)


I have had a few questions from some of my amazing readers about how to deal with bacon and still have a paper-free kitchen. I have come up with a few ideas.

Baking Bacon-


picture source-


I like this idea for a few reasons-

1. When you bake bacon it doesn't shrivel up and cooks flat.

2. it won’t fill your house with smoke.

3 Baking it on your broiler pan will help all the grease to render off the bacon and reserve it in the bottom. You can pour it into a glass jar and save the bacon grease for future baking needs.

4. Also you can leave the bacon on the broiler pan for a few minutes after you pull it out f the oven to it can drain. No need for paper towels



draining fried foods

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Frying food- Fired Chicken, Onion Rings Etc.

Place a wire rack in a baking sheet. It will help the oil to drip off the food and it won’t get soggy like on a paper towel.


I’m sure you are thinking “this is all well and good Hona but that’s a big mess to clean up!” Well not so fast…


To clean these greasy pans put a few drops of dish soap right in the greasy pan BEFORE you add any water. Work into a lather. It will feel silky and turn a whitish color. Rinse the pan in hot hot hot water. Get as much water off as possible and add a bit more dish soap. Repeat a few more times until the pan is grease free. It usually take 3 rounds for me to get the pan clean.

To get the grease off your hand I have had more success using hand soap rather then dish soap. It tends to rinse off my skin a bit faster.



Look back in a few days for even more tips on how to make your Kitchen Paper Free!!!

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OUR CLAN said...

actually, i use alot of dish soap. it cuts the grease, and I don't plug the drain with the grease. I let it sit,(how long depends on the amount of grease) and then wipe it off, throw away the towel, or scrape it off with a spatuala and put the greasy mess in the trash can. then wash the dish.


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