Friday, November 4, 2011

Paper-Free Tip #1- How to Deal with Grease

Wanna make Bacon?? How about Fried Chicken? Doughnuts? Here are some tips and tricks I have found to be very helpful in keeping my kitchen paper free and still be able to enjoy fried things. (In moderation of course-wink wink!!)


I have had a few questions from some of my amazing readers about how to deal with bacon and still have a paper-free kitchen. I have come up with a few ideas.

Baking Bacon-


picture source-


I like this idea for a few reasons-

1. When you bake bacon it doesn't shrivel up and cooks flat.

2. it won’t fill your house with smoke.

3 Baking it on your broiler pan will help all the grease to render off the bacon and reserve it in the bottom. You can pour it into a glass jar and save the bacon grease for future baking needs.

4. Also you can leave the bacon on the broiler pan for a few minutes after you pull it out f the oven to it can drain. No need for paper towels



draining fried foods

Picture source-



Frying food- Fired Chicken, Onion Rings Etc.

Place a wire rack in a baking sheet. It will help the oil to drip off the food and it won’t get soggy like on a paper towel.


I’m sure you are thinking “this is all well and good Hona but that’s a big mess to clean up!” Well not so fast…


To clean these greasy pans put a few drops of dish soap right in the greasy pan BEFORE you add any water. Work into a lather. It will feel silky and turn a whitish color. Rinse the pan in hot hot hot water. Get as much water off as possible and add a bit more dish soap. Repeat a few more times until the pan is grease free. It usually take 3 rounds for me to get the pan clean.

To get the grease off your hand I have had more success using hand soap rather then dish soap. It tends to rinse off my skin a bit faster.



Look back in a few days for even more tips on how to make your Kitchen Paper Free!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Challenge-A Paper-free Thanksgiving

I think this is truly a tough challenge but I have faith in you all!!! Here it is-






I Challenge you to make your kitchens paper free for the entire month of November. No paper towels, no paper napkins, no paper plates.


Think you can do it?? I Know you can! Good luck. Check back in the next few days for lots of ideas on how to de-paper your Kitchen.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dining Room Challenge Wrap-up

So…. how did you do? To be honest I did OK. There were times where I didn’t feel like dressing the table up or craft projects were too much fun to clean up for dinner so we at the counter bar, but for the most part my table had a cloth on it and a centerpiece. I will make one confession however… I don’t iron my table cloths!! Please don’t tell Martha Stewart!!


fall time 2011 071

And yes, I did sew that tablecloth myself! (don’t look at the corners too closely) 

I hope you all enjoyed this challenge. I found it was fun to focus on just one space and keep it pretty. My entire Kitchen/Dining room looked happier, friendlier, and cleaner with a decorated table. Watch out for another fun Challenge for November. Good luck!!


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