Monday, June 27, 2011

Seitan Tacos

Meatless Monday's around here are never going to be the same again! I have discovered Seitan! It is a sub. for meat made from wheat gluten. It's pretty fun to make and tastes really good. You can make it into lots of different things. I decided my first attempt would be to make taco filling.

I got out my trusty grain mill and milled up about 2 1/2 pound (weight AFTER milling) of whole wheat flour. I mixed it with water and made it into a dough. keeping the dough in the bowl I rinsed it in the sink with the water running. The starch and the bran washed away and left the gluten. It formed into a spongy ball. Once the water ran clear I cut the gluten into 2 inch pieces and rolled them out into a sort of cutlet type shape. I boiled them in broth (you can use any kind you want (beef, chicken, veggie, fish) for 1 hour. Then I drained them and chopped them up. at this point you could do just about any recipe that calls for ground beef. I decided to make taco filling. I sauteed the seitan with some mushrooms and onions, I added my taco seasoning and some water/corn flour mix and... bingo! Taco filling! The ladies at church tried the "meat" with some whole wheat tortillas I made. It got rave reviews! Everyone LOVED it! I hope you take a chance with this "wheat meat"! You won't be sorry! (unless you have gluten issues then this is totally not for you!)

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OUR CLAN said...

mom used to make this stuff all the time. Once we had a guy from India come for dinner. We had a hard time convincing him it was not meat (he was vegetarian)because it was so realistic in taste and texture!


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