Friday, June 17, 2011

Car Accident!!

Earlier this week while running errands the girls and I were involved in a car accident. A lady, driving a Suburban was texting (at least that is what we heard... I didn't see it with my own eyes) and hit a small car (an older Honda I think) and that car hit us. As with all car accidents it happened very quickly and without warning. Even though it was pretty scary and a few of us were hurt (very minor compared to some people out there) I can't help but think of how thankful I am for how things are turning out...

=I am so thankful we were not hurt more.

-I am thankful we bought such a safe van and that it protected us during the accident

-I am thankful for good car seats

-I am thankful the baby is ok.

-I am thankful my 2 year old is still rear facing in her car seat and she was unharmed. This is a hot button issue among some of my friends and family, but instead of throwing this in there face saying "na na na naaaa I was right!!" I am just going to let the experience speak for itself. The Police, the EMT's the ER DR's the Chiropractor all were so glad and relived that Iyla was still rear facing and all agreed that having her rear facing saved her from lots of hurt. I am so glad I found out about rear facing toddlers, the car seats are rated 40 pounds rear facing for a reason!!!

-I am thankful Isabella's injuries are minor and she will be feeling better in no time. I just wish she was still rear facing like her sisters. Then she would not have any hurts at all.

-I am thankful the accident happened right in front of the police station and less then 5 mins. from my hubby's work.

-I am thankful for the responding police officer, he has 4 girls of his own and was so so great with my girls, talking with them, holding their hand, he was awesome!

-I am so thankful that when I was freaking out the EMT that was helping us was so sweet and kind. He went to high school with me and it was so comforting to have someone I knew taking care of me.

-I am thankful the other party has insurance and that all the costs relating to the accident are being taken care of.

-I am so thankful the ER staff let the baby room with me so I could nurse her. Funny story- I was in the neck brace strapped down to the back board, waiting to get a CT scan and the baby was hungry. She has never had formula and has not even ever used a bottle so I needed to nurse her. So laying there on the board I nursed her with her laying on top of me. She was a little distracted with the angle but was hungry enough not to care too much. The ER nurse had a Medic student shadowing her that day. That kid was green through and through! I think it might have been his first day in the ER. well, he popped his head in to check on me, saw that I was nursing, and turned around rather quickly muttered something about coming back later and was gone! It hurt my ribs a little, but I laughed!! I don't think he expected to see that and I was not in the position to cover up! Hehehehe!!

-I am so thankful I am receiving amazing recovery care at the chiropractor... Seriously the guy is amazing!

-I am thankful the ladies at my church are so supportive, I have received phone calls and one lady brought us dinner.

-I am thankful that even though I am hurt I am still functional. I know it could be so much worse. I have a hurt neck and upper back and some ribs are not too happy, and I have a huge bruise on the back of my head. Could be SOOOOOO much worse!!!

-I am thankful I have an amazing husband who is taking such great care of us.

Everything happens for a reason and even though I don't know why we were hit I do know that I am using the experience to better myself, to look for the blessings in my trials, to become closer to my Heavenly Father, who loves me and my children and sent his angels to surround us. I am so thankful for you, my dear readers who take time out of your lives to be there for us, supporting us and sending your love.

we are truly blessed even in our trials. I firmly believe that. Just know that we are ok, we are on the mend, and we love you all very much!!


kellymseow said...

Wow...I am just in awe...I can only imagine how terrifying that would be!

I am absolutely with you on the rear facing thing - Bean will be RF as long as possible! Thank you for another encouragement in that.

One thing I can't get over is the medic student who was embarrassed - what a dork lol! I mean, part of his job description is going to involve seeing such things...

Thank you so much for sharing this story and seeing it the way you are...truly hoping you recover so quickly!

Kelly said...

I am glad to hear you girls are on the mend! How fast were you going? Were you stopped or slowing down? Was the force straight on or to the side? Car accidents are very scary. I've been in a few in very different ones and even if you see it coming you can't quite prepare for it. We'll keep you in our prayers!


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