Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ask Hona!!

Here are another round of questions... Keep them coming!!

Amanda M Asks from Hona's Helpful Hints Facebook Wall :

Hona I need help... my oldest daughter is having a hard time reading her reading level is a 2.9 from a 3.4 when we moved back from Rochester back to moms. is there a special book you would use to help her kick start her reading... Help... Thanks so much Love ya

Dear Amanda,

First I would start with something she is interested in, find a book about say, bikes. She is far more likely to want to read about a topic she is interested in. Summer is coming up and you will have more time to work one on one with her. Ask her teacher she is going to have next year what curriculum she is using and if you can borrow the text book over the summer to give your daughter a head start in the class so she won't be behind the other students. When I was a nanny I had a child who was poor in math and we got the math book for the next school year and we went over the whole thing during the summer and when school started she was more then prepared for class work and was caught up. Also the library has a summer reading program with lots of fun book lists by topic. Have her pick out some she would like to read that are a little challenging. Like I said before, play to her interests  and she will be much more excited to read. Good luck and let me know how it goes.


Arin E. writes from the Facebook Wall,

Dear Hona,

I have a life long question... how do u keep you’re house organized and still find room for the kids? Lol.

And do u have any advice for my 2 year old and home schooling him? I want him to have a head start...

Dear Arin,

That's what ceilings are for right?! Hehehe!! Here is a blog post I did a while back on my family blog about how we got started home schooling. I think it will be helpful.


Nicole D asked via e-mail:

Dear Hona,

I have a problem and I was hoping that you would know the answer. My dishwasher smells. I have tried bleach, baking powder, Lysol spray but nothing helps. Every time I run the dishwasher, my dished come out smelling nasty. Do you have a suggestion?

Dear Nicole,

there are some dishwasher cleaners you can buy in the dish soap section. Finish brand has one we liked. You could also try adding a rinse aid to the wash like jet dry.


And one last question from Kelly C. also from the facebook Wall:

Dear Hona,

I have many recipes that call for vanilla which I cook on the stove (no bake cookies, syrup, etc) and I was wondering why you cook all the other ingredients and THEN add the vanilla after removing from heat. Does the heat change the effectiveness of the vanilla or something like that?

Dear Kelly,

Pure Vanilla extract contains Alcohol and you have to add it off the heat so it won't catch fire. also it evaporates fast and if you want it to keep the flavor in the cooking you need to add it last.

Thanks for the questions And if you have a question you would like me to ask I have set up an e-mail account:  I am hoping to make this a more regular part of my blog and facebook page.
Untill next time... Get Cookin'!!

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Dielle said...

Powdered citrus drink mix (Tang) works great for cleaning a dishwasher. Reminds me, I need to pick some more up.


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