Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Hona...

I recently asked my facebook fans to ask me some questions that I could answer here on the blog and I am pretty excited to announce a new feature to the blog... ASK HONA!!

So here are a few to get us started. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask in the comments below or on my facebook page.

From Kelly C.

Dear Hona,
Favorite sore throat home remedies? I've done popcicles, tea, ok so I need to drink more water...I've tried to get lots of rest and I'm pretty sure it's not strep but we'll see how my throat looks and how I feel in the morning.

Dear Kelly,
The best thing I have tried was a recipe given to me by my amazing mother in law. Take equal parts honey and lemon juice and mix in hot water and drink it. I do 1 tablespoon of each in 3 oz. of hot hot water. It really helps calm down a sore throat. Honey is an amazing substance and it has natural antibiotic properties which will help heal your throat.

Laura M. writes...
Dear Hona,

 Kason (my 3 year old) has always been a bit sensitive to dairy but now it looks like he can't have any at all! We get test results back soon so we will know how severe it is but we cook with milk and cheese a bit, any good non diary recipes or subsitutes?? Any good cheese subsitutes that are good enough to pay for and eat?

Dear Laura,
This is right down my alley! My oldest has a milk protien allergy and we have to sub. for everything. There are so many amazing products out there that have helps us with the switch. The natural food section has been a life saver for us. We use soy milk as a sub. in bread recipes, soups and pasta dishes. You can make a rue with soy milk as well. For sweeter things like cakes, muffins, and the like, we use amlond milk. Knowing alternate names of milk will help in you label reading. 

Quoted from

-milk solids ("curds")

-casein (sodium caseinate, most commonly)
-lactose (sodium lactylate, frequently)
-lactalbumin and other names that begin with lact
-galactose (a lactose by-product) Most people with milk allergies will have no trouble with galactose
-protein (often "high protein" or "protein enriched" version of another ingredient, such as wheat) The added protein in foods (particularly "high energy" foods) is often milk protein.
caramel coloring. Many kinds of caramel coloring use lactose, a milk sugar, to help get that rich color. When in doubt, do without.
-Recaldent. This ingredient, found in some Trident brand chewing gums, is milk-derived.

there is even more info on their site.
I have not bothered with non dairy cheeses. In my opinion they taste gross and are very expencive. And most have milk protein in them anyway. For some great recipes get some vegan cook books. They are always 100% non dairy!
 Here is a good site to get you started-

I know that is alot of information all at once but I thought the better you understand the better choices you can make right!  I find cooking from scratch and not using processed foods keeps dairy out of our food.

Christina S. posted this question...

Dear Hona, 
 I'd like some tips on preparing meals for freezing. It seems like my pancakes and potato dishes always get frostbitten.

It sounds to me like moisture is getting into your food. First when you are done cooking the food you want to freeze make sure it is cooled all the way. If the food is still warm when put into the freezer they will produce condensation that will freeze into frostbite on your food. I suggest getting a vaccum sealer. I like Ziploc Freezer System. It gets all of the air out and keeps the food fresh for a long time.

Keep those questions coming and look for more ASK HONA posts in the near future!!

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