Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Food Allergies

Poor Bella! We found out last week that she is allergic to milk! Usually you can subsitute the creamy with coconut or banana. Not for Bella, she is allergic to that too! So our newest challange is making all of her favorite foods dairy-free. This has presented some challanges as well as some successes. We have found a good amount of subsitutes for her. I think the most important is the "better then sour cream" and the dairy-free Ranch dressing! Bella is a big time dipper and a life without ranch is  not something she wants to deal with. Thank goodness we live in the northwest and have so many choices for alternitives! I will be posting some dairy free recipes soon and show you how we are adapting to this HUGE change for our dear Isabella.

1 comment:

OUR CLAN said...

wow, that will definitely present some challenges.


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