Friday, September 18, 2009

Ever Had One of Those Days?

Today just about all of my cooking attempts failed. We tried to make Ravioli and the pasta dough was not working right.It kept ripping and tearing! So we got mad and threw that batch away. We tried it again and that time the dough was ok but after we got them filled that would not seal up right. we did the best we could and stuck them in the fridge to make for dinner. When we pulled them out they were no longer many ravioli but one big oozing glob. At this point we were really mad and tossed the lot of it and swore off homemade ravioli as a bad idea. I decided to make cheesy shells for dinner. This recipe starts out with making a rue. A rue is basicly a white sauce that you add cheese to (I'll post the recipe in a little bit). You start out by melting butter in a pan and adding flour and whisking together for about a minute before adding milk. Well, I got distracted getting the garlic ready and burned the butter! So after another trip to the trash can I took a moment, slowly breathed for about 2 minutes to calm myself down and tried again. Luckly this time I was able to get it all to work and had dinner on the table by 7 pm. Just as a point of refrerence We started dinner prep at 2pm. Also during this time Jacob was making bread. He got through all of the risings and even had it risen in the pans with no incident. He had the idea to use some of the extra egg wash from making the ill fated ravioli to brush on the bread. When he did the loves fell and after they were baked looked more like bricks and less like bread! So to sum it up we are pretty much done with cooking for a bit!

I share this with you to tell you all that sometimes even those who are "good" at cooking still have off days. Everyone messes up now and again and ya know what... it's OK! OK to burn things, OK to get it wrong, OK to fail. When we fail two things can happen. We can get mad at ourselves and never try again or we can learn from our mistakes and try again. I don't know when or if we will try to make homemade ravioli but at least we had something yummy for dinner instead. Thank goodness for store bought pasta!


Kelly said...

Yes!!! I had one of those days last week with oatmeal cookies. Boy was it a doozy.

OUR CLAN said...

Oh dear. Sorry, but I laughed at this post. But only because. . .been there!! done that!!


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