Friday, June 5, 2009

What to make for dinner when you can't make dinner

I know I have not posted anything lately but I honestly have not been cooking lately. My poor neck had been acting up and with all the pain meds I am on, putting together a meal takes WAY to much brain power. So I thought I would write about my saving grace. The only way I ever get through these patches of ill health is to be prepared. During regular days when I cook, we always set an extra place at the table. That place it Jacob's lunch container. That way he always has a lunch. For some unknown reason he would rather go hungry then pack his own lunch. So packing up dinner leftovers ensures he has something to eat the next day at work. But every so often I make a HUGE dinner. Sometimes I can't help it. It usually happens when I make casserole, enchiladas, or lasagna. We ALWAYS have a ton of leftovers. Sometimes enough for at least two more meals. I put them in a large container and freeze them for later use.
So this past week or so, we have been living on our frozen leftovers, boxed mac and cheese and Pb&j. So far we have survived pretty well. Although I found the boxed mac and cheese did not settle well with Bella. She has had a bad reaction to it. I like to think it is a testament to how she normally eats. The over processed nature of Kraft Mac and Cheese is something she has never had before. Whenever we have mac and cheese I make it myself. The only time she has ever had boxed mac and cheese it has been Annie's organic, all natural.
The next big project we are going to do as soon as I am feeling better is the make homemade egg rolls. We have done it before and really have fun doing it. So that is what I will blog about next. Thanks for sticking with me. Lets hope my neck get better soon. For more details on that check out my Family Blog.

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OUR CLAN said...

Hope your neck feels better soon too!! Yea, I agree that the better you eat the harder it is to eat "fake, over processed" food!


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