Monday, June 22, 2009


So, this last week our local berry farm "Spooners" opened up for their annual strawberry harvest. Well for those of you not around the Pacific northwest, Spooners are the BEST strawberries on the planet!! They are grown here and you can even go to the farm on Yelm Highway and pick them yourself! We usually go every year but with a crawler in the family, we decided the sandy strawberry patch was not the best place to go so we bought a flat at the farmers market.

When we brought them home Bella was so excited about all the strawberries. She was such a big help in processing them too. I pinched off the tops with my fingers (messy, I know but it gets the job done better then the strawberry topper thing I have) and put them in the strainer to be rinsed after they were rinsed, Bella, who was standing on a chair, would grab one and slice it with the egg slicer and stick the slices in a bowl. I told her that if she did not eat any strawberries while we were making jam then when we were done we should make strawberry shortcake with whip cream. That did the trick! She never ate one strawberry!!.

Well this year I decided to make cooked jam. I have never done jam cooked before, I always have been a freezer jam person. But we have been really focusing of food storage lately so I thought I would give cooed jam a whack. I got some pectin that was really interesting. It was called no sugar needed. It is used for making sugar free jam. I thought this would be great since the berries are really sweet already so I would not need to add sugar. Well, I cooked the berries according to the instructions and bottled it and canned it. Which was really easy by the way! The batch yielded 6 pints with about 1/2 cup leftover. I but the 1/2 cup in the fridge for breakfast the next morning.

The next morning came and we were sitting down for breakfast and tried the jam for the first time cold. When it was hot it tasted just fine. a little tart but not too bad. But, cold it was REALLY tart. So much so that I had to mix in some sugar. So in the future when we open the jars of jam we will need to add a bit of sugar so it will taste good!! Live and learn!!


OUR CLAN said...

That makes me laugh. I don't have any tips for sugarless jam. I have never made it that way. I also prefer freezer jam for strawberries. But like you, this year I made cooked jam. I also was considering preparedness. What would I do if the power was out?! Mine was made with sugar.

finding_ac said...

with all this talk about canning i think i might just have to do some canning myself...i have been thinking about canning pickles for a few months when the cucumbers finally get big enough!!

♥ mrs koelker


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