Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome to Hona's Helpful Hints!!!


I have started this second blog because I have gotten several requests to share my hints and ideas for things. On this blog I will put my favorite recipes, recipes alterations, hints and techniques and just share what I have learned in the magical art of homemaking. I know I still have much to learn and I welcome any sharing of hints, ideas or whatever! I hope this can be a place of learning, growing and sharing. I hope to learn just a much if not more from you as you do from me.

Bon Apetites!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

What a fabulous idea!!! I was just thinking the other day about how much we have to learn as women before we have children. It seems like as soon as we become a mother, we are constantly teaching and sharing what we know. It's difficult when we don't know alot of basic things such as sewing a button on a shirt or something like that. I am grateful for those people like you who so willing teach what you know and share what you've learned.


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