Monday, April 27, 2009

Thoughts on fried rice and grilled cheese sandwiches

I read a really interesting article today about fried rice. I was looking for a recipe for fried rice and came upon this Asian chef's blog. He said several of his friends have asked him for a really good recipe for fried rice. And the thought amused him. In Asia when they make fired rice it is not anything special. In Thailand, their version "fried rice" translated is "leftovers". It is more of a method the an exact recipe. You have leftover rice, meat or on meat, some kind of veggie and you fry it up in a hot wok add an egg, you got fried rice. he said the only trick is to have everything kind of dry. If it is too wet the rice would stick.

It reminded me of our American grilled cheese sandwich. We all have our own way of making it but never really follow a recipe for it. This past weekend in California they had a grilled cheese sandwich contest. The Idea was really interesting to me. Check out this really fun site about the contest. I love a good grilled cheese but we have an ongoing dispute in my family on the best way to prepare one. I think butter on the outside of the bread and just plain Cheddar on the inside is the best way to make it. My mother on the other hand swears by putting miracle whip in between the cheese and bread. My Mother in law has just plain cheese on the inside and puts miracle whip in the outside of the bread. I am sure you all have your favorite way to make it as well. We might all think ours is the best. I think it might be best to agree to disagree!

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OUR CLAN said...

I like to put butter on the outside and while its cooking put a small amount of garlic salt. Its wonderful!


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