Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hits and Misses

On this blog I am really looking forward to sharing some of the things I am good at. But I am also human and liable to make mistakes. So I thought I would share some of my misses as well as my hits.

Well tonight was a miss. I made chili in the crock pot. I soaked the beans overnight Friday and cooked the beans on Saturday. Today I put in all of the ingredients I usually do but I think I did not put in enough corn flour, which I use to help thicken the chili since I use tomato juice as a base. Well it never thickened up and was more like chili soup. Before I knew the chili flopped I decided to use a Jiffy mix for cornbread instead of making it from scratch like I usually do. Well, when I took it out of the pan it stuck. Then as I tried to scrape it out of the pan in crumbled all over the place. So for all of my shortcuts and underestimating of ingredients I had to serve my family watery chili and crumbled cornbread. I think you can imagine I was pretty disappointed. But my loving husband made the best of it. He took his crumbly cornbread and stirred it into his soupy chili and loved it.
Mental note- shortcuts on cornbread bad... supportive husband very very good!!

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